Help send Israel to the European Championships

“Judaism is important to me because the sense of community among Jews is astounding. Growing up in the Baltimore area, I had my pick at almost any sport I wanted to play. Going to Israel and playing/coaching lacrosse is meaningful because the kids here do not have organized leagues that they just can sign up for and start playing. I am excited to play on the first official Israel women's lacrosse team for the European Championships and excited to help develop our youth league. Sport is a lot more than just physical exercise: it teaches teamwork, communication, discipline, and dedication. It teaches us how to deal with uncontrollable situations, and forces us to work with people that are different or those that we may not get along with. It also creates a second family.”

”I am playing in honor of the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership because I am from Baltimore and I am now living in Ashkelon! The partnership was created in 2003 to connect the sister cities. During my time here in Israel, I have participated in many practices and 'first' games that have been possible through the leadership and commitment of both cities to get young women to play sports, and specifically lacrosse. I look forward to working with the partnership more in the future.”

Sarah Meisenberg — Midfield

$10883 raised

Women’s European Championship Team Goal: $80000

The Drawing

Win my game-worn autographed Israel National Team jersey! Donation Drawing Tickets are $25 each (includes free Israel Lacrosse pin), or five for $100 (includes free Israel Lacrosse t-shirt; pictured to the right!). Click Donate above!

A limited number of drawing tickets are available for $25 each (or $100 for 5). To buy a ticket and support Team Israel, please click the Donate button above. In addition to transporting, housing, and feeding me and my teammates at the World Cup, a portion of the proceeds will be donated directly to Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership.