Help send Israel to the European Championships

“Representing the country of Israel is such a unique and amazing opportunity. I feel so privileged and lucky to be able to represent the country of my ancestors. While I do not regard myself as very religious, my time in Israel has really connected me with the incredible Israeli culture and the history of the country. I love being able to call Israel my home.”

”My most significant, special memories occurred before every game in the World Cup in 2013. My teammates and I would stand hand in hand, adorning the Israeli colors as our teammate, Nikki Avershal, beautifully sang Hatikvah. These moments gave me such pride in my heritage and truly connected me with my grandparents in a way that I did not think was possible. Even though my grandparents have passed, I could just imagine the joy and fulfillment they would have had seeing me with "Israel" splayed across my chest, representing our nation and our people.”

”I will also never forget the intense, physical struggle of the World Cup. We played 8 games in 10 days in, at times, 110-degree heat on the turf under the Canadian sun (which is stronger than one might expect!). Though depleted towards the end of the tournament, the pride of playing for my country, my ancestors, and my teammates energized me to push through. For having only come together several weeks before the tournament, our Israel Lacrosse team had become a family. Each individual offered something different, but equally significant to the team. The pride I felt in my teammates, my country, and myself after walking off the fields sweated, depleted, but fulfilled, is a feeling that I will never forget.”

”I will be playing in honor of Taglit-Birthright. This organization is truly the reason I'm on the team. In 2011, when I first came to Israel with Birthright, it truly opened my eyes to the beauty of the country, its people, and its rich culture. This trip led me to deciding to split time between Baltimore and Ashkelon to continue to help grow the sport. Birthright is responsible by exposing me to the incredible country of Israel. I will be forever indebted!”

Kim Dubansky — Midfield

$10883 raised

Women’s European Championship Team Goal: $80000

The Drawing

Win my game-worn autographed Israel National Team jersey! Donation Drawing Tickets are $25 each (includes free Israel Lacrosse pin), or five for $100 (includes free Israel Lacrosse t-shirt; pictured to the right!). Click Donate above!

A limited number of drawing tickets are available for $25 each (or $100 for 5). To buy a ticket and support Team Israel, please click the Donate button above. In addition to transporting, housing, and feeding me and my teammates at the World Cup, a portion of the proceeds will be donated directly to Taglit-Birthright.