Help send Israel to the European Championships

“The themes of family and community have always stood out to me most with Israel and Judaism. I've always seen the importance of both in the Jewish community but living in Israel this past summer during Operation Protective Edge completely altered my understanding. Everyone I knew in Israel, including some of my 10-12-year-old players, texted, called, and messaged me after sirens to make sure I was "in a safe place" and ask if I needed anything. People in the mercaz (central region) offered places for us southerners to come and stay for indefinite amounts of time. The network of volunteers that was already in place in Ashkelon to provide free, sheltered childcare for kids whose parents still had to work was extensive. Most of these volunteers were high school and college students who gave up their entire summers. Throughout Israel people were donating so much food to soldiers that the IDF had to make a statement asking people to bring less. It's very special to be a part of something where people you don't even know care so much about you.”

”It has been incredibly meaningful for me to be a part of an organization that gives girls and young women in Israel the opportunity to compete in a team sport. There aren't many leagues or options for girls who are interested in sports. While soccer is by far the most popular sport in Ashkelon, there are no leagues for girls and most athletic girls decide between gymnastics and dance. It has been so rewarding to see the girls we coach learn all of the lessons of teamwork that I took for granted as a young athlete. Every time I hear one of our girls talk about how lacrosse has changed her life or how her dream is to play for the Israeli National Lacrosse Team when she gets older reminds me how lucky I am to be here working for Israel Lacrosse.”

”I am playing for Live Like Blaine, an organization focused on empowering women and girls through fitness and athletics. My former teammate Blaine Steinberg was incredibly passionate about both, and it is an honor to be able to play for and spread the mission of Live Like Blaine.”

Julia Szafman — Goalie

$10883 raised

Women’s European Championship Team Goal: $80000

The Drawing

Win my game-worn autographed Israel National Team jersey! Donation Drawing Tickets are $25 each (includes free Israel Lacrosse pin), or five for $100 (includes free Israel Lacrosse t-shirt; pictured to the right!). Click Donate above!

A limited number of drawing tickets are available for $25 each (or $100 for 5). To buy a ticket and support Team Israel, please click the Donate button above. In addition to transporting, housing, and feeding me and my teammates at the World Cup, a portion of the proceeds will be donated directly to Live Like Blaine.